Monday, November 06, 2006


Ok Internet, I have been a bad friend. Life has been crazy and blogging about it just has not fit in the schedule of exhaustion. Pitiful, just sad. Now tonight is 50cent Tacos at Amigos and half price Margaritas (makes life just a little more bareable, eh?) feel free to join the festivities if you are in town.

Here are some random things that when I am lacking for things to write about I will expand on.
1) A Monk almost saw me going to the bathroom.
2) I have gotten a car.
3) I am just been offered an internship in social work in Bay of St. Louis (recently ranked #1 murder capitol of the U.S.A.
4) I am "planning" on moving home (Mpls) to finish the Nurture program or finish school at Bethany College of Missions...maybe. This will "take place" in June or early July, please be praying for a place to live and a job. AMMENDMENT: NO TO BETHANY. I AM 27 AND I WOULD BE SHARING A 2 BEDROOM APT WITH 8 GIRLS. NOT THE ONLY REASON, BUT DEFINETLY NOT A REASON TO SAY YES.

Ahhhh, to sum up. I work... a lot. I see Ian and Leda, they go to bed at 8:30 pm same as I do. We pretty much rock.

I will say that I read this and I laughed out loud. I went to the gym the other day and this pretty much sums up my experience, only I was a casual bystander (Who visably snorted.)