Friday, March 24, 2006

Taking away

The Lord gives, the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.
For I am the Lord, your comforter, I have called you and I will answer.

My ever present help in times of trouble, thank you for my Savior. I am blessed beyond measure that I have the honor to sit and your feet and weep when I feel tired, weary and finished. Thank you that you are the finisher, that these trials are not hidden from you, nor are they things that I must walk through alone. Thank you that in valleys you do not withhold good things. Lord keep your truths etched into my soul. Let me not forget to whom I belong.
Hold me, for oft I forget.
Also, Praise HIM for the restoration of relationships. For He is good in all things.

Hey if any of you are in the Chatt town and desire to do something with me that involves no money...(ex: planning things that take no money, petty crimes, painting, swimming) just call me up, I have loads of the free time.
I will not be so cryptic tomorrow. I just wanted to say to all 6 of you who read this, pray, then rejoice at the bountiful grace to be found in the beauty of the Lord.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I got tagged

To quote Kevin Cawley "I got tagged and I played along." Enjoy my existence thus far summed up in a delightful yet strenuous quiz.
1. Golf Corse (I sold beer to old men out of the back of a cart at 15. That's not legal is it?)
2. Target Security (Hysterical, I couldn't have sucked worse.)
3. Coffee shop sherpa. (Many times, many places.)
4. 3 days at Foot Action. (I got fired...)
1. Better Off Dead
2. Bottle Rocket
3. Cool Hand Luke
4. Addicted to Love (you can't always be cool!)
1. Minneapolis MN
2. Chattanooga TN
3. Midland Mi
4. Omaha NE
1. Amazing Race (Best if seen with the Hyatts)
2. Lost
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Extreme Makeover Home Edition. (You would have to be made of stone not to cry!)
1. Cabo San Lucas
2. Rocky Mountains
3. Boundary Waters
4. India
1. Molleigh
2. Emery
3. Dooce
4. Kevin

1. Little T's (hole in the wall mexican that plays punk music that serves amazing Queso.)
2. Matts Bar and Grill (home of the Juicy Lucy. You melt cheese INSIDE the hamburger! God bess this establishment. Also, you can only order 6 things, including beer.)
3. St. Clair Broiler. Great memories, Word to Matt and Holly.
4. Mollys kitchen. (Not a restraunt, a great friend with great Southwestern Pie.)
1. Indian (Butter Chicken.)
2. Kerala Coconut Chicken (Charlotts)
3. Moms pasta
4. Pork Chops (I just love them, ok?)
(Oh so many)
1) Katherine Curren elementary
2) Minneapolis College of Art and Design
3) Concordia University
4)Chalmers Center
1. Heaven
2. Minneapolis
3. The Wilco concert that is happening in Atl
4. Camping and canoeing (somewhere warm, I don't care where.)


Is the Starbucks a Mecca for the celebrities of ages past? Within the last 6 months I would like to share whom I have met.
Lets see there is Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle.) How do we sum up Rob? Crazy hair, sullen and drinks a vanilla latte. I chuckled to myself, well, if I am honest I chortled and with everyone around me...and...via text msg.
Pauly Shore. awesome...almost made me to happy for words. He busted in and skipped past the line and just ordered coffee. But the best part about my fellow vertically challenged friend? He wore a shirt that said "Pauly world."
Tonight we had the Harlem Globetrotters, they a word...tall. Very, very tall.
Who remembers a little show called the Facts of Life and Living Single? Yes ladies and Gentleman, Kim Fields (Dude, it was Tudie!!!) was in the Starbucks with 2 HUGE body guards. Also a man who I only know as Overton (from Living Single) was with her. All of us were dying to ask if it was a reunion and if the Queen (you know..Queen Latifa) was in the house. We refrained and made her the soy no water no foam chai she requested.

anyway, can't wait to see who shows us next week.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What the crap?

I was just leaving the library frustrated (see post I made not 10 minutes ago) and what catches my gaze? A woman, with (are you ready for this!?) a child and they are held together by what looks to be a glorified leash! HA! He is walking as though this is perfectly normal. Does this activity take place up North or only in the South? Really, the child was Anders age, so Liz I must ask. When Anders is being disagreeable do you put him in a harness and then snap him to a leash? I can only hear the mayors response in my head, but I bet it would be classic.
that's all, just thought you would like to know.

Afro Ninja

Breath, in...out...
My hatred of computers is astounding. I don't understand them. Honestly it is like someone is speaking to me in mandarin Chinese. I would have better luck with them because I can at least read facial expressions!
I don't care that it is a computer that is letting me talk to everyone. I hate them!!
Also, I hate that they have infiltrated movies. It is simply their (see I even have to use the correct spelling of their as IF IT WAS A PERSON) presence in movies that annoys me. They are everywhere. Now, yes, I know I want one. I know I like the use of them. But it is like cats I have decided. For the most part I hate them also. I just do. But I have been around a few that I have enjoyed, they have brought me glimpses of pleasure. So yes, if someone dropped a cat off at my house I would take it. That is how I feel about the computer, I would take one, after all it is better than a kick in the neck.
What started this great rant is the fact that I can't post a link. It is called afro ninja and I actually laughed out loud in a library today when I opened the link. BUT I CANT GET THE LINK TO POST. I am beginning to think I need a computer guru that I can put in my pocket and tinker with this dumb...piece...that and give me compliments. I would like it if the guru could do that also. Anyway, if you are not bored to tears from this already go to and type in Afro ninja. It is worth it I promise.
If ya'll start getting a lot more hand written notes delivered by carrier pigeons don't be shocked.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Come and get it

"Forget your hang-ups and your Puritan guilt and come get everything you've ever wanted" - Hugh Hefner

A girl came into work yesterday wearing a shirt that said "Porn Star" on it. Frequently we see 3 girls come in together trying to outdo one another in their attempt to be "sexy" ie: who can wear the shortest skirts and the lowest tops. My heart breaks for these women! I hear the boys these girls are with talking about girls gone wild, Jenna Jamenson and what club they will hit on spring break, including which girls they want to "hook up with." These girls just stand there, never correcting the boys for fear they will lose them. How did this happen! When did this happen! Have I been so secluded with my life that I have failed to realize that there are girls all around me trying to find identity in thing that are killing them? I have been aware I suppose, I have written the papers on the danger of the pro-anorexia websites, mentored girls, but I don't think I realized how bad it had gotten.
What does it mean to embrace our sexuality?
The other night I was talking to a woman who had just become a believer, she was telling me of her past and how her past life and influences of culture still are a voice in her ear rather than believing that she is bought with precious blood. She was saying how it is still her tendency to wear the tighter, lower shirts to attract even the men whom she knows would be put off by this type of dress. Let me put in another way. She was saying how when she got in the presence of this man (whom is wonderful and loves Jesus) she was suddenly embarrassed by the way she was dressed rather than the feeling of empowering she had when she left the house that morning.
I don't know who I am angry at. I think rather than anger, my impulse is to hug these girls, offer them a sweatshirt(!) and want to tell them, while looking deep into their eyes that there is something so precious in them. That these girls do not need to sell themselves short, our culture already does that. We need to see each other as beloved of the beautiful Christ.
There are a few themes that will be quite prevalent on this blog. Culture and our response as believers to it, starbucks, homeslessness and poverty, India, and I suppose updates on life in general. So these will be continuing thoughts as I am no where near having it figured out. One day, when I actually learn how to use the internet I will probably divide them into categories for easier usage, but alas, I don't know how to use the internet. Basically, it should amaze those of you whom have ever met me that I even have a blog (thanks Emery.) While I am at it, if and when I do figure out this glorified beat box I will post pictures.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Longest post ever

Bryant Myers, author of Walking with the Poor said "(they are) people with whom and among whom God has been working before we even knew they were there."

I feel like I can't turn off my mind tonight. I just finished work, and it's 11:30 pm. Incidently I also just finished the book Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski. It is a book that tells what happens when two men who feel called by God to experience homelessness in America for 4 months. They put their lives on hold with 3 objectives: To better understand the life of the homeless in America, and to see firsthand how the church is responding to their needs. 2) To encourage others to "live out loud" for Christ in whatever ways God is asking them to. 3) To learn personally what it means to depend on Christ for my daily physical needs, and to experience contentment and confidence in Him. Reading this book transported me back to Minneapolis and my time with Urban Homeworks.
Before I moved to Chattanooga I lived in North Minneapolis, before that I lived in the suburbs of Burnsville. I remember telling Cody (Urban Neighbor contact) that I was open to living anywhere, but I didn't really feel like North Minneapolis was for me, besides I didn't really feel..."Called". (Question deeply if you find yourself using that word as a scapegoat.) That year was one of the most eye opening years of my life. I lived with roommates who were (are!) amazing women of God who challenged me daily on what it means to be faithful in the day to day life. The questions were not new, but ones that demanded answers. How do we as believers, as women, respond when you have just finished a 9 hour day, you are hollered at while walking down the street, then 4 energetic boys come knocking at your door wanting to play (or eat all your food) and all you want to do is, sleep. I found my self thinking at times, "I don't have time for this! I have to go to Muslim prayer!" Oh the oxymoron, thy name is Karla. I think we get so busy trying to be a "Christian" that we was not aware that life is passing bye.
How do we not pass bye these opportunities! I don't want my life to pass bye. I want to make a difference, I want for the millions of Dhalits and millions of homeless in NorthAmerica to know the name of Jesus and I want for it to matter. I want for them to matter. I am tired of seeing people pass bye other human beings on the street and pretend they don't exist. I want to long for Jesus to come back to earth. I want to, every time I hear the name of Jesus mentioned smile like it was when I was first saved.

(this post has turned into rambling now, but to much time has gone into it to not post it.)

"As the deer panteth for the water,
so my soul longs after thee.
you alone are my hearts desire
and I long to worship thee."

Let him be our inspiration to love each other.
Bye the way, if you are looking for housing that will make a significant difference in your life and others and live in the Minneapolis area, contact Urban Homeworks. They are strongly recommended.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


"Hi, I want a..." And thus begins my day, now this is fine, but the following must be put on the internet for everyone's entertainment. Someone actually ordered the following drink.
"Triple Viente, 7 pump vanilla, 6 pump sugar free vanilla, 1%, whole milk thick foam, 4 splenda latte."
seriously, that is insanity. How did you even come up with it!? And another thing, 1%...Listen, we have whole milk and non fat. Pretty sure, yep, there is no way I am mixing 1%. I am past the point of being angry with this now I just laugh. Laugh bitterly with some tears.

and another thing,
while you get into a line, please realize that a line is at its essence, something that you enter into with a destination in mind! Most likely my cash register. So, when you have been standing there, twirling your hair or contemplating world domination or whatever it is you do, please, don't look at me like I have just asked you a mathematical theorem when you arrive at your destination. Don't make me guess either. It is not a fun game, it makes me hate you.