Saturday, May 05, 2007

N.T. Wright

I was surfing the net and reading up on blogs that I love. Came across this quote on Jonathan Dodsons blog by N. T. Wright, enjoy, be convicted.

The point of of following Jesus isn't simply so that we can be sure of going to a better place than this after we die. Our future beyond death is enormously important, but the future of the Christian hope is such that it plays back into the present life. We’re called, here and now, to be instruments of God’s new creation, the world-put-to-rights which has already been launched in Jesus and of which Jesus’ followers are supposed to be not simply beneficiaries but also agents.

N.T. Wright, Simply Christian

-hey, can anyone summarize for me what the deal is with Piper and N.T and the "new" Pauline epistles? I have just heard mumblings of it down in the Noog.


Scott Alexander said...

Hey K,

My suggestion for getting up-to-date on the issue concerning "new" view of Paul, would be to search through Justin Taylor's blog "". He has, probably, one of the most thorough compilations of links for this discussion.

karla said...

Scott! I am so happy you still read this! Take note of my liberal use of punctuation!