Thursday, July 13, 2006

before you get a new roommate

I found this while "surfing" the world wide web yesterday. Coming from someone who has had OVER 20 roommates in her short life span (27 years) this seems like the process I am going to put my next one through. Although, for the time being, I am quite pleased living with the Kaybs. But, dear God...I was laughing out loud. Enjoy. Signs that you are not my new roommate


Anonymous said...

Hey Karla, I don't know how this works. I am in PA visiting family and friends and my dad wanted to know waht a blog was (yes, he was born in 1425) and so I thought of you, always the little proselytizer, and checked out your blog (finally) and ta-da, it was your birthday too! Creep! You should have reminded me and I would have sent you diamonds. By the way, you can stay with me in September if you like. Love you tons, Sarah G

Anonymous said...

Okay, I jsut realized two things: that these are posted on the Internet and that I spelled waht wrong. So evidently if my math is right, I was born in 1457. Because I thought this would be like email. And it isn't. It is a bit public. So I am sending another one. Agh. Not much of an exhibitionist. Nor a technophile. Hey, I study medieval lit and memorize poetry and prefer counter-reformation art. Whatever. Sarah G again

em said...

Young, innocent Karla calls me to comment about this hiiiilarious post that is on her blog. I procede from my work computer to access her blog, and I click on the link of her latest post. My screen flashes a big red stop sign and the words, "BLOCKED - Sexual and Lude content! This has been logged in your personal activity!"

My response, "KARLA!!! You cannot send me to sexually explicit sites!!!" Karla, silence... *laughs* "Oh, this is hilarious!" *reads more*


Howell said...

That craigslist posting was hilarious.