Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Its that time of year again

The time is fast approaching, the Desiring God conference is afoot and that means 7 days in Mpls. 7 days spent drinking Caribou apple blasts, walking around lakes, enjoying non 100+ temps, listening to favorite pastors and seeing friends. I have a little calander at work with the count down. So, while I am going to Mpls to relax my younger sister is going to be there the same weekend to run the twin cities marathon. I am shocked we are related. Who in their right mind would want to run 26 miles is beyond me. My thought on the subject can best be summed up by remembering a conversation I had with my friend Aber about a year and a half ago. I had asked him and his wife Molly to go hiking, he paused, asked me if we could drive where we were planning on hiking to. I told him that this was possible, yes. He then proclaimed something along the lines of, well then why would we walk if we can get there faster driving. I do not want to give off the incorrect view of Aber, he and Molly are trim, attractive people, and generally enjoy the outdoors. I think he was tired, anyway he perked up after he was told of the old time ice cream "Shoppe" in "town." Alas, I digress. My sister runs, I don't, and I am very proud of her and can't wait to see her crossing the finish line lathered up in icy hot smelling like a sweaty old man.
So, the question remains...houseguest anyone? I know bethlehem will be asking you to host families and the benefit of me is, only one small girl with a rental car. Looking forward to seeing all of you.
Sorry there has been an extreme lack of posting. I just had a review at work (Got me a raise!), parents were in town (it was so wonderful to have them!!!) and just life has been really busy. Hope everyone is well.


Liz said...

Do you even NEED to ask? Anie is living in an apartment and if you don't mind the drive from Mounds have free lodging. let us know...we are very flexible and if a better offer arises, we will NOT be offended. Good to see another post, and Karla, what about that interesting info that needed to come via email to me?? I'm still so very curious (just like George, you know.)

Bye for now - the mayor keeps climbing out of bed and he's supposed to be napping. Not a good choice for the young lad.

anie said...

You could stay with me for a night or two as well! I don't know how the roomies would feel about a visitor for an entire week, but I am sure they could handle one or two nights and I would LOVE it!!

karla said...

Liz and Ani,
that would be great! I should have explained, not a whole week just a day or 2 here and there. I will call both of you to finalize. Are ya'll going to the conference?

Anonymous said...

Ok Karla...I won't smell like Icy Hot...I'll smell like body glide!!! (So I don't chafe, sounds sexual but definitely is not :)
I am sure you are aware of this, but you can stay with mom and dad too...I don't think they would have a problem with that, plus they have LOTS of space, so we should have a sleepover one night :) Your lil sis