Friday, January 19, 2007

About a Stone

time? approx 6pm. where? car after eating Imperial Gardens "Pu Pu Platter + Happy Family"

boy: I am so full!
girl: no doubt, if I go to the bathroom I will lose about a stone.
boy: (insert longish pause) do you know what a stone is?
girl: no...
boy: yeah, its about 14 lbs.
girl: ohhh...(laughs)

Emery is in town and our friend Laurie has just joined the fun. Welcome back good friends. Tonight Emery and I hit Pier 1 to buy a wedding gift (from 4 of us) for Brian and Susan and then hit the 70% off Parisian sales and went to get my ears pierced. Declined the later when we found out it was $26. I am the girl who got my nose pierced in India for 25c. Then we drove to PF Changs for dinner, declined to wait in the 2 hour(!!!!!!!) line and headed over to Mac Grill. The wait there was 1 hour, this is Chattanooga...I was not even convinced that we housed enough people for a combined 3 hour wait. So we took ourselves to Imperial Garden which was full but not booked. Went to Terra Nostra and met Kayb, Vincen, Laurie and Sarah for some drinks. Laurie and I are waiting at Emerys now, the resteraunt closed an hour and a half ago and they are still there talking. We are off to blissful sleep. Have a good night ya'll, I'm out.

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