Wednesday, March 28, 2007


There is not seriously something called Godtube! Yet another really pathetic way at cashing in on the idea of someone else and making it "Christian." I refuse to rant, I am just going to state that I don't like this one bit. NOT ONE BIT. Godtube...seriously?


Matt said...

Yeah that is just awful.

anie said...

eh. you-must-be-joking.

karla said...

maybe just a small rant. Our culture will embrace something and rather than investigating it, reedeeming the item and seeing what it is about it that others find interesting. We are more concerned with withdrawing our support completly and shunning it. I feel ill.

Molly said...

i don't even want to click on that link, but then there's a curiosity deep in my bones that just wants to... AAAHHHHH!

Liz said...


I just can't bring myself to click on the highlighted spot in your post! Good grief!! I shan't be one to give them a "hit" -

Trusting that I will see you sooner, rather than later.

howell said...

Click it!
Click it!
Click it!
Click it!

It is so ridiculous.