Wednesday, April 04, 2007

literally without speech.

Christian Clowning-a how to video tutorial.
Here We Go (this is Kevin Cawleys blog, it is part way down, you will see it. It is worth the effort.) Honestly, I really feel for the elderly after watching this. Can you imagine not having anywhere to run? Spoken by someone with an actual phobia of clowns, yes clowns and fish. I rock.

I can't help it, it is like a traffic accident and I can't help but look. Brought to you by the letter G for Godtube. Don't quite on the video before you get to the part where it states "Do not fulfill requests from patience, if they ask you to help them out of bed, or into it, the best rule is...DON'T DO IT!" (Thanks Kevin, now I feel like I need a shower.)

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