Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Office part duex

So, when you join the website known as facebook you can join groups. Basically these groups are made up of things you enjoy and I believe anyone can start one. Anie started one in reference to her shoes even called "Chacos rock my face off." I digress, I am a member of one called "I am a little bit in love with Jim Helpert" you know, from the office. They asked us to write in our favorite Jim quotes and one girl posted the longest although funniest diatribe I have witnessed. Enjoy, try to picture Jims deadpan face, it makes them all the more classic. By the way, the one with the nickles...just simply beautiful.

[Michael reads off complaints filed by Dwight]
Michael Scott: OK, so Dwight, in your own words: "Someone replaced all my pens and pencils with crayons. I suspect Jim Halpert."
Michael Scott: Everyone has called me "Dwayne" all day. I think Jim Halpert paid them to.Jim Halpert: [to camera, laughs] Yes. Five bucks each, and it was totally worth it.
Michael Scott: This morning, I found a bloody glove in my desk drawer, and Jim Halpert tried to convince me I committed murder. I think he may be the real murderer.
Michael Scott: Jim Halpert said there was an abandoned infant in the women's room, when I went to save the child, I saw Meredith on the can.
Michael Scott: This morning, I knocked myself in the head with the phone.Jim Halpert: [to camera] That actually took a while. I had to put- uh, more and more nickels into his handset until he got used to the weight, and then I just took them all out.
Michael Scott: Every time I typed my name, it said "Diapers".Jim Halpert: [to camera] Just a simple macro. You know, these actually don't sound that funny, one after another. But he does deserve it, though.
Michael Scott: By the end of the day, my desk was about two feet closer to the copier.Jim Halpert: [to camera] Yeah, I just moved it an inch every time he went to the bathroom, and that's how I spent the entire day that day.


anie said...

the office is pretty much amazing

Charlotte said...

Karla, I'm not sure if it is kosher for a pastor's wife to laugh out loud even when alone, to a sitcom, but I do whenever I catch this show. Don't tell anyone!

Liz said...

Charlotte you are not alone.

I must confess that I, yes another pastor's wife, laugh aloud as well. In fact, Gus and I watched the beginning of one episode last night and laughed so hard that we had to stop (the most recent one where Jim was impersonating Dwayne). I do love many aspects of this show! It makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

karla said...

amen! Charlotte, I am glad you joined our blogosphere! Welcome!

karla said...

"bears, beets, battlestar galactica." Yeah, pretty much my favorite quote. I snorted.

Liz said...

Apologies - I meant "Dwight" not "Dwayne" in the earlier post - must have been late. Yes, one of the best lines EVER from that show, Karla.