Friday, June 08, 2007

David France!

ok, so if you are a fan of the following...
violin mixed with hip-hop
David France and his insane skills
or just awesomeness in general check out.

-I went to bbc with David for some years...he has an amazing heart for Christ, and he is a wonderful man-


Christine said...


This is an odd request, but I googled your sister, Mary Beth, because I'm trying to get back in contact with her. Perhaps she'll see this comment posted? Perhaps you could give me her contact information? I'm her dearest C-Note from freshman year, Voorhees 201. No one else would remember that, so she can trust me. I had some news about Embem ( and have been hoping to get in contact with her anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Klala...Can you give me Chrissy's email? Yes, she is not a psycho and was really my roomie and she's the best. I cant access her email since I'm not a blogger like you guys....can you help a sister out? Love you. C-note....can't wait to talk to you!