Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Anatomy of a Breakup

Here is whats up friends.
-I am back in Mpls. It has been an interesting and amazing time. I have never doubted it but I have the best friends in the world. (Ya'll are absolutly incredible!) Mpls has been a different city than I remember, in the best ways. I remebember not really knowing my place here, feeling ackward. I had friends and a direction but I was feeling sort of disconnected. Now I am realizing that I am not the girl I was when I left. I feel more secure, more grounded. Things have changed here, rightly so, you can't expect peoples lives to wait for you for 2 years. But now instead of expecting things to stay the same I am loving just living life and being enfolded again. I am most richly blessed.

-I work as a executive assistant for a local massage company. I love it. I work with some amazing people, I just found out 1 of them is a believer and we laughed at the face that a few years ago we would have told everyone right away that we knew Christ. Now, we love Jesus and we don't want to reflect badly on him! Basically it was worth the stress of no job to wait for this one. Actually my manager asked me to think about helping her open another francise and possibly running the old store.

-I am applying for school at Hamline Univ. I would love to finish my bachelors and there is an amazing program to teach English as a second language. We shall see, here is hoping. FAFSA, just for your love for you is totally TOTALLY contingent on you giving me money. Just so ya know.

-Matt and I broke up. It was really hard (especially the breaking up, getting back together and then breaking up again in the same day!) I have nothing but respect for him, he is an amazing man. Our lives were just not going in the same direction. I don't think I need to put my relationship details on the internet!

Is that enough for the last 3 weeks since I moved!! Oh actually, Chris Fink (friend of 10yrs) took me on a bikeride around Mpls last night. It was amazing! 11pm, the lights of downtown, photography, it was amazing. I will be buying a bike...soon, very soon. Anyone want to go? Mpls is a photographers dream. Aside of the road construction, I love it here.

ummm also 1 confession while I am at it. I bought (a few) comic books. I went to this store "Big Brain Comics" highly recommended by the way. I had a $50 gift certificate, I asked the guy there what to buy. He recommended "Summer Blonde" by Adrian Tomine, he was right. Then he asked me out. I am beginning to wonder if I have a stamp on my head. You know, I dated one guy who loved comics now...I am one of them. But, I am not. I am not.


Matt & Kristin said...

Please Karla, I urge you, no comic books!

anie said...

I love biking. Let's go!

Jonathan said...

great to get the update. Grace to you in the break up recovery. I think of you often as I glance up at the crucifix painting you gave me.

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know we miss you in ole'Chattanooga! My friend Nancy and I had lunch yesterday and were wondering how you were doing in your new life. Thought I'd check your blog to see. Glad you are writing again!!! Jean

Liz said...

Karla - I just think you should know that while we were at "the lake", Mari read Betty and Veronica comic books nonstop!! I'm a bit concerned.