Thursday, September 13, 2007

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I have been re-reading Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller again as of late. It is a book that I always seem to go back to when I am feeling far away from God. It is a book that, rather than smother me with guilt about not being the "best Christian I can be" (which I already do, so I really don't need a book to draw that out. Thank you.) Rather he challenges me to look at the root problem of my sin. It is refreshing to hear an author acknowledge his own depravity and even tell us that he has an issue accepting grace. I find him engaging and challenging. Here is a sample of the book that has been resounding in my soul.

"We dream of Christ's love for His bride reading like Romeo and Juliet; two equals enflamed in liberal love. I think it is more like Lucentio's pursuit of Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew. That is, the groom endearing the belligerent bride with kindness, patience, and love.
Our "behavior" will not be changed long with self-disiplin, but fall in love and a human will accomplish what he never thought possilbe. The laziest of men will swim the English channel to win his woman. I think what Rick (his pastor) said is worth repeating that by accepting God's love for us, we fall in love with Him, and only then do we have the fuel we need to obey.
In exchange for our humility and willingness to accept the charity of God, we are given a kingdom. And a beggar's kingdom is better than a proud man's delusion."

+If those of you who know about it could pray: The interview is tomorrow. I am as prepared as I can be, now it is up to the Soverign God. Just pray it would be overwhelmingly obvious if this is a good match, both for them and for me. Thanks!


danielle said...

hey there...i can't not do my own swap! send me an email with your address and i'll send you what i have. no pressure if you're busy. i just want to send what i have for you!

karla said...

Danielle, thanks for your patience! Check your email, I just replied. Thanks!

Brian Murnion said...

Here you are, Karla. I think it's been at least two years since we last spoke. So much to say...but later. I'm tired. We'll have to catch up soon.

revolution said...

have you read Mckinley's books?