Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Music

This year at the D'Agosta family Christmas along with the task of baking cookies I have been given the intense task of making the mix cds. When you come from a family of musicians who each vehemently claim that their music taste is the only one that matters, to say this is a task is no exaggeration. Now, I have worked in retail for years and have had the pleasure of hearing some of the worst music out there (creed, I am speaking of you.) This year I have taken my task very seriously especially knowing that my cookies might be lacking and I need to step it up a notch this year.
Here you g. In no particular order, some music that does indeed, rock.

Sufjan Stevens the 4 disk Christmas album. -A warning, Sufjan is eclectic, it is perfect for your emo family members. For those of you not familiar with the term emo, it stands for emotional rock It typically involving eyeliner, by men. Yes, I also realize that this is an obvious choice that is why I put it out there early.

Beautiful Scandalous Night by the Robbie Sealy Band.

Chanticleer-I happen to enjoy choral music. There is something about a 4 part harmony that I love. I just get lost in it. They are not the best, but its free on itunes this week so i took them up on their offer.

Messiah Part II #44 hallelujah. Its Handels Messiah, it is like the steak of steak and eggs.

Mel Torme-Chestnuts roasting on the open fire.

Fools Rush In -Sinatra (Frank)

Bing Crosby

Steve Green

That is a taste of what will be playing. Any ideas to add? Always open for the suggestions.

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