Monday, February 13, 2006

shameless rip off

I wanted to name the Blog "Conspiracy among the friends." I thought this was inventive and interesting until I realized that rather than the above it was actually a shameless rip off of my friend Brians cd, and a Charles Spurgeon quote. Hense the name of said Blog. Here is the quote for those interested.
...I thought that I was the greatest debtor to Divine grace, and would sing the loudest to its praise; but when I came down out of the pulpit, there was a venerable woman who said to me, "You made a blunder in your sermon this evening." I said, "I daresay I made a dozen, good soul, but what was that particular one?" "Why, you said that you would sing the loudest because you owed most to Divine grace; you are but a lad, you do not owe half as much to grace as I do at eighty years of age! I owe more to grace than you, and I will not let you sing the loudest." I found that there was a general conspiracy among the friends that night to put me in the background, and that is where I meant to be, and wished to me; that is where those who sing the loudest long to be, to take the lowest place, and praise most the grace of God in so doing. - C.H. Spurgeon


em said...

I'm into this Shameless Rip Off... oh yeah! SRO got it goin' on!

Sarah said...

Welcome :o)