Thursday, April 06, 2006

Are You Experienced?

I just got back from the DMV of Tennessee, whoop whoop. I have been a bit apprehensive about my relinquishing of the old MN one and really embracing my life as a Southerner but alas, the NEW JOB (more later) requires it.
I am not sure how to write this so that ya'll get the true heaviness of this next statement.
I need to put this on dating cards or something. I am going to scan it on the blog instead of that haggardy white girl photo up in the corner but I am going to need help with that. Fo Sho this makes me look like a 9 on the hotness scale. Seriously, the man behind me in line uttered the phrase "That picture is spectacular, I mean you are pretty, but really..." I left grinning, how often do you leave the DMV grinning? First let me say that the first photo, not so alluring. In fact, I looked spastic and I had a line of people behind me. The fun lady that had the photo that anyone would question anytime I did anything that might press the boundaries of the law did not want to budge and give me a new one. I threw out a line. "Maam, (after looking at her left hand and seeing she was single)I am 26 and single, I need a fighting chance. This was not said in a whinny tone, rather matter of fact. She look it again and it is obvious I am pleased. Enjoy the fruit of my labor my friends...Enjoy. (it will be put up in the next few days.


the holst gang said...

(this is from anie)

KARLA! I LOVE YOU! This post made me smile and miss you and then I remembered I had a message on my phone from you. So I just checked it and I will call you as soon as my minutes are free. Seeing that right now I am already 50 minutes over for the month with 10 days to go, I am only answering for Verizon people and on nights and weekends. So. I will try to remember to call you tonight!! I can't wait to hear your story :)

em said...

Excellent, Karla! You will snag so many men with your new DMV-found-hotness! hehe! That's great... and a first, really. I mean, who has a GOOD photo? I have a bearable one, but the vast majority of my friends have the most tragic and oddly-disgusting pictures of themselves on their drivers licenses. Ridiculous ogres at the DMV! Glad you worked your magic there. hehe

Sarah said...

Great! I took a nice passport photo and had a similar response. What men are going to look at your DL though?

Anonymous said...

Those that card you, Karla!