Monday, April 03, 2006


That was the noise that just escaped my mouth in the public library. But that noise does in no way extinguish my joy regarding one of my favorite musicians OF ALL TIME comming to the Chatt town. I had convinced myself that moving from Mpls and becoming a sudo-southerner ment that I would no longer be on the pulse of music. Try to refrain from the posts yelling at me that I am an hour and a half away from the mecca known as Nashville.
Have you died of suspence yet? RICHARD BUCKNER, for those of you whom that means nothing to, go out and buy "Bloomed." It is dark, lonely, beautiful and sorrowful. It makes me a more creative person. Also, come fall we are getting a "Costco World Market" I feel certain that these two facts are evident of Gods love for the South.
By the way, I don't know how life is in your neck of the woods, but it has been 75, sunny and clear here. I have taken numerous walks along the bridge, painted a kitchen,worked my magic with some mulch, helped to throw a birthday party for the roommate and lit sparklers...that has been within the past 48 hours. What did you do?


Anonymous said...

Also helped throw a birthday party, gorged on too much food, spent time with the dearest of brothers, got my fingers in some Mozart, yelled at a violin student, drank a bottle of Hess Select with friends, and read some Norwegian Saga fiction.

the holst gang said...

Hmmm...what have I done the past few days/hours??? Too much to tell, and yet nothing nearly as exciting as you, Karla. I have chased the Mayor...worked on school with Erik and Mari...fed countless people...brought Anie back to the U....wished that I could work in my garden, in spite of taunting sunshine that could turn to snow any a bit of Joyce Carol Oates...watched some basketball...knit, knit, knit...done some laundry and cleaning....I think that's maybe enough for now. The encouraging thing about this list, however, is that is does show me that in spite of my own feelings that I NEVER get anything done...alas...I have accomplished several things. thanks for making me think about it. Hope you can go hear your favorite guy in concert, and of course, if you just wanted to move back north, we'd all be delighted!

Enjoy your warm (I'm making an assumption here) day and I will at least enjoy the sunshine of our day.

Sarah said...

Gardened, schlepped rocks, then I got really sore and couldn't move for two days. I made granola.

ladonald said...

Let's see...mowed the lawn, took Damascus to the hospital (he's better now), ate the most amazing choclate cake, went to the doctor (for Damascus), didn't go to work (yippeee!), watched the most amazing TV show ever - 24, played chase w/the cutest baby ever, and researched holistic approaches to infant medicine

karla said...

It is fantistic just how much everyone day really does sum up who they are! Sarah, you and the violin, Liz with knitting, LeeAnn with the Holistic medicine and Sarah I have a special comment for you.
Emery has had me working on his garden. THERE IS A REASON GOD MADE MAN to cultivate the ground! IT IS HARD. Enough said, almost. At one point I actually threw something down and almost started to cry, I definatly felt the soreness for a few days. I am learning to enjoy it though. Just thought you would like the sympathy.