Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jonathan Edwards

Who doesnt like a little Jonathan Edwards? Give it up, yall for Yale is launching a new Jonathan edwards online site with tons of previously unaccessible manuscripts made available. For more go to:
(oh how I wish I new how to link!)
If you are down south and feel like a good time, join the Dead Theologions Society that meets at Erlanger hospital at 6:30am. It's early, but the solid theo and the Greyfriers coffee gets your blood pumping.

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Peter Schaefer said...

Hey, Kalya. Found your webpage b/c of a shared interest in the book "Weight of Glory". In any case-to hyperlink, first make sure you've copied the URL for the website to which you wish to link. Second, make sure you're in the "compose" window for writing a new post. Highlight the text you want to use as a hyperlink, e.g., Jonathan Edwards. Click on the hyperlink button (planet with a chain across it), paste in the URL you copied earlier, and shazam! You're done.