Thursday, September 14, 2006

bleeding eyes.

If we are referring to the world in general, I am of average to slightly above in the intelligence department. I like reading and I can even understand what I read. The real question I want to pose to you Internet is this. HOW can I be so smart in some areas and SO incredibly daft in others. It took me 2 HOURS to download the Itunes 7.0 today. It is supposed to be as easy as pushing a "download" button. Inside my head, my brain was bleeding. I then realize after numerous calls to apple support that my computer has a "Software Update" button which does it for me so I do not manually need to install Satans birth-child known as itunes. This is sad, really. I love itunes! It allows me to download project runway and gives me all the updates on I ever need on what is hip, now. I really do love it, although I hate updating things because I do not know how and we have all seen how skilled I am at linking. Good goodness. That is all I have to say. Well, that and I will be home in 12 days!!!!!! I am seeing my favorite people, eating more Indian food than one girl was ever meant to consume, and watching my sister run (my favorite way to enjoy the sport of running.) If I do not post for a while forgive me. I am working 9 days straight leading up to the trip, although I have a 6 hour wait for my flight in ATL so I am sure I will post about people watching in the airport.

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