Monday, September 25, 2006

secret shame

I would like to admit something, I think it is time. The topic came up at work today of secret shame in relation to tv, movies and music. Queen was mentioned along with Billy Ray, some hard core rap was thrown in ext. When I said mine the room actually stood still and one person gasped. My favorite song, hands down, is "thank God I'm a Country Boy" by John Denver. I know every lyric. It makes my heart glad. My tv shame is Jem and the Holograms. Don't hate, frankly Synergy and the misfits were the best character development I have seen in a while. Whats your shame?


Cilla said...

hey carla! I still read your posts and I love them. Miss porch talks and amigo's :( By the way I can top anybody's shame. Mine is I still listen to Spice Girls. Don't ask me why. But I usually out them on when I am getting ready to go out. Yeah, Im crazy.

karla said... are not crazy (this is said in a hushed whisper..) so do I. SHAME. We are 2 women with GOOD music taste! How do we still listen to them. Actually I love their movie, it is hysterical!!
I miss you cilla. Come home.

leda said...

Ok, does My name is Earl qualify? I guess only in some circles. Not sure I have a secret shame musically, but I have seen every episode of Dawson's Creek and Buffy the V-S. Miss you. Happy to hear you are scooting around in a sweet "heated" ride.

em said...

I am a fully-grown man, and I watched Jem and the holograms with you Karla. I might be the king of shame. I watched it two more times on my own!!

Molly said...

I love that you love Jem--she's truly outrageous! Does that mean that you still get Jem episodes out in those parts??