Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Hotness of Modesty

Sarah Vendsel, my lovely friend has bought me my favorite Christmas gift of at least the past 2 years. I was actually giddy with excitement. I wore this snappy number to work and to the grocery store yesterday. The problem with this is that people do not understand irony. When you are wearing your hair in a pony tail wtih gap jeans, you do not look cool enough to pull off the "I am a Christian but I am such an awesome one that does not need to proclaim the love of my Lord on my shirt...but ohh, look at me, I just did." Not nearly cool enough. I kept getting looks like "bet she's backward," or "short bus.." My self esteem took a serious blow, but not enough. The question is, which of your events will the "modest is Hottest" shirt make an appearence? Emerys belated birthday, ummm yes. Now you also can let your giddiness begin. Do not look over the verse which, in my humble opinion is the best part.
"The parts that are unpresentable are treated with a special modesty." to quote Liz "oh goodness gracious me."


Liz said...

Karla -

And so, we get ready to go - am in the midst of packing, packing, packing. Good thing I enjoy doing just that, huh! No more updates until I get back - please pray - you know what and how. Thanks dear friend - we'll talk when we return!

Hope you had a merry, merry Christmas and a delightful New Year!

Anonymous said...

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