Thursday, December 07, 2006

John Mayer+meaty baby=my mind.

You know it's time to post again when you are getting internet spam in your comments section! That has never happened, I would say I feel unpopular, but well, I deserve it.

Instead of catching ya'll up on whats happening in the South I think I will just type tonight and let everyone (all 4 of you who still faithfully check this) just free flow.

I am listening to John Mayer and I am forced to agree with Erick Taylor that he indeed "rocks." I have been in denial for so long thanks to that "rockin the halls of my highschool" song that when I finally tuned in, 7 years later..I am forced to admit it, I love it. The song "Waiting on the world to change" has just been an incredible voice of my generation. All that random information so you will be able to audibly understand my mindset while I am typing this post.

It is really amazing how things are comming together, not just this trip but in life. About 4 weeks ago I was burdened with my debt. This is odd because I had been running from it for years and why now is a good question. I obtained a copy of my credit report and have proceeded to contact everyone on that sheet and begin payments. Now the total due is only around $6,000 but for the first time I am excited to bring this area of my life under the Lordship of Jesus. I am such a strict budget it is really funny. It is nothing like the Donaldson $10 a week entertainment, but I am not far behind. I am paying off of 3,000 in 7 months. I believe what really spurned this process was realizing that I had been talking about the mission field for so long and I was not acting on the one thing that could free me up to leave. It is almost as though I had been holding on to this as a crutch. I am excited for whatever the Lord leads now, if that is the field then amazing, if not, for the first time I can wait. I remember in a sermon that Piper preached about 7 years ago now, where he was walking in MN in Feb and it was about -20. He said that it made him think that maybe he might want a vacation. Then, in the Piperest of voices, he said he started dreaming of Heaven. After a while of that and looking around at all the work that needed to be accomplished he said "I can wait for that" meaning his vacation. That is how I am feeling about life right now. The Lord of the Harvest, wherever he was called us, an office building, our homes and families or the field is such an amazing provider. May we wait, trust and pray that we can catch a vision of our Lord and Heaven that can cause us to fall deeper in love with him. In that vision let us be encouraged that we are where we are supposed to be knowing that God who is soverign over all will be working all for the good of those who trust him and are called according to his purpose. (Rom 8:28 paraphrase.)

Other news, parts of the Holsts (Dan, Liz and Anie) are going to Cameroon at the end of the month for a missions trip. They are connecting with the Baptist Theo. Seminary. May your presence breath new life into those you minister to. I love you all and will be laboring in prayer with you and for you and for the younger ones left home! Liz, you might want to get out that child harness and strap the Mayor in until you get back. Who is watching them?
Other, other news: I just met with the leader of my foreign missions commitee of NSF and we are planning a trip to Cameroon in late spring!! Sweet.

check out Seriously, there is this clip of a laughing baby, not usually my sense of humor I know. But this baby laughs like a meaty old man. I had tears streaming down my face. Just type in baby laughing or something not so stupid.

peace out, yo.


Liz said...

Good to have you back, my friend. I sent you an email last night AND an update on Monday. The update, for whatever reason, came back to me???? (I did really send it.) I will call you later today -

But, for those of us that do check your blog, it's good to have you writing again. Thanks -

We miss you!

Melinda said...

Hey Karla! It's Melinda, your old Caribou friend! I was missing you awhile ago, so I googled you, and lo and behold, up popped your blog! I'm excited for you and how God is working in your life. We are still in Indonesia and loving it! If you're ever out my way, let me know! I'll be praying for you, and I mean that.

karla said...

oh. my. gosh. Melinda!! How are you? I am resisting the urge to use many, many, exclimation points! That is wonderful that we can be back in touch. Let me know your email address. You are wonderful.

Melinda said...

I'm great!!! Here are all the exclamation points for you!!!! Here is my e-mail. (To avoid spam, I replaced the @ with a 2.) Write me!!! I can't wait to hear from you!

Molly said...

oh, karla... so good to "hear" you. i have been wondering what the deal is. i'm in pa right now and will be here until after the new year. danielle and dave got married--yeah!

karla said...

Molly, you read my blog! That makes me giddy with excitement. No, not giddy, more of that warm mushy feeling. Hey friend, I need your PA address to send you a christmas card. I also say "O" on your blog, he is so big! He is adorable. Merry Christmas, dear friend.

Anie said...

Karla! The only thing I liked about you not blogging is it meant we talked on the phone more frequently. But who says that has to stop? I'm so excited for Cameroon! And I can't believe you get to go, but it's exciting!

I will try and call you soon. Definitely before the departure to a foreign land.

Scott Alexander said...

Do you know how many laughing babies there are on YouTube? I'm not going to watch every single one of them. But the one with the little boy that falls over from laughing, great stuff.

karla said...

I love that you actually looked. For a better view go to Molly's blog, she actually has it up. Molly rocks.