Saturday, October 27, 2007

awesomeness, I think so

I need to get hip. I am sure there are new things out here in the world wide web but I am often to lazy to look. Or if not lazy, just lacking in time. Tonight I had some free time so here are some things I did.
1) signed up for msn chat. my email is You sign up also and we shall be friends.
2)Someone had just recommended the new tv show "Pushing Daisies" while I was hesitant at first. I know am fully on board and love it. It is actually quite artful and beautiful in its filming style. lets you watch all episodes for free.
3) tried to download the office ringtone. failed. I am just not technologically swift, at all. But I do love technology, just not as much as you, you see.
4)In the google search engine I typed in "Awesomeness" This came up. You know what? It really is an awesome web page! I find it insightful, funny, witty and all around wonderful. Enjoy.

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