Monday, October 22, 2007

por terrible!

You must check out the youtube video to the left of your screen. Ladies and gentleman may I present to you: Miss Stacy Douglas, doing the best thing ever.


Anonymous said...

Neuticles? gross. Stacy Douglas? Awesome. She SUCKS at playing her trumpet but she LOVES to bust a move during the verses. I got a great chuckle out of this. Thank you for brightening my day.
Any donation is great, and PLEASE read about the animals; their stories are amazing and they have been through more than you or I could imagine.
OK, I've said enough. Have a good you. MB

Liz said...

So wierd!! and so BAD!! Oh my goodness gracious me!!

karla said...

Liz, I knew you couldn't resist commenting on the Neuticles.
I have to give it up to Molly and Aber for finding Stacy. I am forever grateful

Charlotte said...

The Stacy video makes me want to put Anna and Katie into trumpet lessons!
That is nearly the funniest thing I've seen in a while.
Have you seen some of the DUI busts on Youtube? Also amusing!