Friday, June 16, 2006

Petrified Glee

Are any of you aware of the look a puppy gives you after you throw them into the swimming pool with encouraging noises of excitement? It is a look that can most closely be identified with the look on my face when I ride my new scooter. It is hysterical. Because I am "special" I have not broken down (or won my ebay auction) and gotten a motorcycle helmet so I am using a bike helmet. I am one step, and not a small one away from needing stickers on it and having to tell strangers that "yes, I am a big girl. I do have a lisence and no, it is not revoked. I AM BEING ECONOMICAL." I just tell myself ... 85 miles to the gallon, you get great millage, you are cute and do not die. Basically the don't die part comes into play on turns. Simply put, I suck. I have no concept you see at "leaning into" turns. I am scared, I am a wuss. I am a petrified wuss on a 35 mph scooter in VOLS orange with a bike helmet. OH Good sweet lord, I am a dork.
Another note involving my geekiness. I will be in attendance at the 2006 Desiring God conference in Mpls MN the last week of Sept. The topic is God and postmodern culture, we get to hear speakers of such caliber as Tim Keller, John Piper and Mark Driscoll. I am really looking forward to this event! It will be great to see friends and hear these pastors whom I very much admire. Hopefully I can organize a TN chapter and make a trek up there. Hope you all are well, I will post again after my first scooter accident, should be soon.


Liz said...

Hurray!!! You are alive - ah, how I miss these posts - the laughter they incur. And joy! You will be coming to visit the end of Sept. We will plan to see you there (at the conference - I should be manning a post in the bookstore, I imagine). I do have faith that you will learn to "lean" into the turns -

Enjoy your day - I'm off to a baseball double-header! :)

em said...

Nah, I've seen her. Leaning into turns is not Karla's strong suit. Really... pray.

anie said...

karla! the only thing funnier than you riding a scooter would be me riding a scooter. somehow i see myself driving into another mailbox and breaking more than my arm.

i am so excited you are coming up!!

anie again said...

oh. about the funny scooter riding thing with you and me - i can sympathize with you and TOTALLY understand. i'd also probably wear my old horseback riding helmet. yes. i'm a dork.

Liz said...

Karla -

Today the mayor experienced "pure glee" - took the kid to the beach. Oh my goodness, gracious me!! What a happy boy - when it was finally time to go, he turned, waved and said "Bye beach - see you tomorrow!" He has high hopes of returning - as does his mother - working on my tan, reading a good book - hmmm..maybe I was the one experiencing the "pure glee"-

Hope those turns are coming along -