Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It has been a crazy week. We had visitors from MN (Dennis and Margie Haack the writers of Ransom Fellowship) my parents are comming next week and then you know, life. Sorry for the lack of posts but there will be a TON of them soon. Why you ask? Because I have been GIVEN a apple I book laptop. I am in shock. My wonderful friends Matt and Holly Tomlinson called the other day and offered to send me their laptop and a I Pod. The computer is 3 years old the the IPod 2. Really, it caused me to worship.
I was talking to Kayb (roommate) and we were just stunned by Gods goodness. A laptop is something I have wanted for a VERY long time. I have often thought about going into more debt to get one but that didn't seem smart at all if I was still looking into the mission field. An Ipod was a distant dream that I simply wanted. For no good reason, I wanted it...badly. The Lord, who is kind beyond measure in all circumstances no only provides for our needs but also for our wants. I am thankful that I have a high priest who allows me tell him my desires. Although I must say, I NEVER thought God could do this. Really...2,000 of electronical equipment?!?!? I couldn't say "thank you" enough, I was speachless.
When I moved to TN it was a general chorus of "why?" I was the ringleader of my chorus. If you are planning on going to the mission field you do not leave my old church. It has a amazing missions program with rigorus and necessary training headed up by someone that has all my respect. They are one of the top 10 missionary sending churches in the USA and the is hard to beat. But when God calls you to go, you feel like you get no rest untill you follow that call. He has shown me more about my sin, depravity, lonliness and his all abundant sufficiency and grace that frankly, I am more in love with him than ever. So, thank you my Lord and my God that you have not forgotten me. I am in awe of your majesty.
oh, Liz, send me your email. I have some news (internet...I don't think we are there yet.)


Jason said...

wow! praise God! And he saved you from the pc world! i was converted to apple last september - I love it and thank God for it!

thanks for sharing and for allowing us to worship with you Karla! God is so good! we need to visit TN!

and matt tomlinson! how is that guy! send me his email if you can! I would love to reconnect with him.

karla said...

Hi brother! I would love it if you and the fam would visit in would be so great to reconnect. If I ever make it out to your neck of the woods we will need to do dinner. As for matt and holly, send me your email and I will send you their phone number. I am actually not sure if they have email! Anyway, thanks for posting, it is a blessing and I look forward to joining the world of the upwardly mobile.

Liz said...

Karla -

email = SEND NEWS FAST - I'm in Karla withdrawl!! Praise the Lord for the computer - do you think he could provide a new van for me some day soon? I'm driving on borrowed time - or so thinks Danny...I still love my mighty mom van.

Off to debrief from the night -

I miss you my friend.

matt said...

Hey Jealousy ...

In other news - we're coming to Chattanooga this weekend to see the LaRoses. Will we see you?

karla said...

How amazing! Yes! Of course you will see me, see current posting.