Friday, August 04, 2006

Mary Beth, I suck

To my dear sister...
So, I am guessing it does not matter to you that I called the day before your birthday and the day after. It is amazing how forgetful I can be. Ok so, the check and the card went off in the mail today and like dad says "Cash covers a multitude of sins in this family."
Unbelievable, really! I call grandma and grandpa every week now, even on vetrens day and I can't remember your birthday, come on self, buck up. It is the same day for 24 years now. I suppose that now the title of einstein can now be mine. I am sorry, I suck. Well good thing you are in marathon training and can take your frustration out on the road or something. I love you.
To everyone else,
crazy busy, lack of carbs is making me dizzy I think. Actually I have been trying to find time to actually listen to the Boyd sermon and not just post off of that article. I might have to do the later. I will say that Donald Miller and Derek Web have a interesting pod cast on exactly this subject (Is America a Christian nation.) All you need to do is type in Donald Miller under podcasts and it is cast 2. Stay tuned, I will write soon.
By the way, Scott, you found my blog! Welcome, it was great to see you posted and are not one of what I like to refer to as "lurkers." I am guessing Liz told you. Way to go Liz, I need all the recruiting I can get.
See ya'll in 54 days. Are any of you going to the conference?


Scott Alexander said...

Conference? What conference? Oh yeah, the one I usually help with but don't get asked to help with until the week before. That is...if Chuckles is organizing. Yes, I will most likely see you there...if I'm asked to help again this year.

karla said...

Chuckles...I laughed out loud. That is what I have always called him but I didn't think that that would catch on among the uber elite. Good to hear from you.

Scott Alexander said...

"uber elite"? HA!! That's funny. Now that there's funny. Maybe uber kl├Ąglich is a better description.

Yeah. Great site. Very funny. I've enjoyed it immensely. Liz is the culprit.

Liz said...

I tell everyone, much to the chagrin of the chaps heading off to Cameroon, that THIS is my "absolute-most-favorite blog" - yes, Karla, we shall see you in a few weeks - doesn't seem quite as long as 54 days - I realize that I'm wierd. Also, FYI, I've been referring to Chuckles as "Chuckles" for about 20 years...if the shoe fits, wear the name fits, use it.

TTFN friend -

Anonymous said...

HI CARLOS!!! No, you don't suck! I am very much aware that you know my birthday. Actually, my birthday sucked so much I re-scheduled it to August 4th :) Nobody wants to move on their birthday! Thank you for the card in advance. I just changed my address with the post office today, so it may take a few more days to get to me. But you are an amazing sister and I love you and think about you all the time, in a sisterly non-lesbionic sort of way. Speaking of which, do you find it of that our new condo is in THE nicest part of town, but less than 2 blocks away is 1) the only strip club in town (oddly called "the Bus stop) 2) an actual bus stop...the main one in Boulder, and 3) The Boulder shelter for the homeless. So, lets just say my new hood is 1-stop shopping for all your ultra-classy needs. Just thought I would enlighten you on where I live now. We have officially moved out of the ghetto and up to the elitist part of town with the oh-so-luxurious amenities. Seriously, it is the elitist part of town. You can't live up there unless you have done a bunch of triathlons and have an expensive road bike. Shhhh...don't tell the neighbors that Eric and I are mediocre athletes!

Anonymous said...

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