Thursday, August 24, 2006

no paragraphs

My blog seems religiously against obeying my command to put into place paragraphs so no comments on the post! I tried, maybe my blog has joined a cult. JESUS LOVES PARAGRAPHS.


Scott Alexander said...

Klala - To get paragraph breaks, I just double space. It seems to work fine.

Breathing through your nose is a great gift from God, don't you think? Just think if you were a rabid coke-sniffer and your nose corroded and it fell off!! Thank you Jesus for a healthy nose! And there are all sorts of other things that are working just fine for you right now: toe nails that aren't in-grown, eyes lids that don't have stys, a tongue that can taste popsicles, skin that has no bubos. Stuff like that.

My regimine for illness usually involves getting up about a half hour later than I normally do, taking a shower, eating breakfast, spending time in THE Word, then going back to bed. Repeat schedule, minus the shower and substituting breakfast with lunch while throwing in some laundry or other light cleaning. Call your mother. Get some pity. Go outside briefly. Back inside for a nap. Back outside to the store to keep your sanity then back home to watch a movie. By then I'm so tired of being home along that I would rather be at work with a headache and other unpleasantries.

Scott Alexander said...

Oops, now look who made a bunch of errors. Eyes lids?? Regimine? Sheesh, how pathetic. No comments from the peanut gallery named Liz.

karla said...

1-no klala, it is a stupid nickname originated from NOWHERE. :)
2-I am thankful I am not a coke head. Although my roommates biggest fear is that she will become a drug addict. How that will ever happen when she dosent even eat processed sugar or wheat let alone crack is beyond me.
3-my God, I pray that you do not have in-grown toes, eyes that have stys and no bubos skin Scott, because that...that is just gross.
4-I did read my bible. Exodus to be exact and I thought "hmmm I believe I will call this sickness the plagues of Karla." I do agree with you on the so bored you just end up going to work the next day anyway bit. That is exactly what I did, so now I am a little dizzy, drugged and just served lunch to 180 people. Including one who just told me (after I told him he couldn't have seconds) "I just got made the king of the world and as king of the world I can have every man, woman and child killed." the sad thing was, I think he was just saying it as if I would want to know, not to threaten. I said "congratulations." My boss told me I should have told him about the true king. Another opportunity down.
Have a good day, as this has turned more into an email than a comment on the blog.

karla said...

there should be a comma after "wheat, let alone crack." just gave it the old read through.

Liz said...

OK - the prior blog entry had me laughing aloud!! Karla, must you be so funny?? Partly the laughter is a result of my own scams as a youngster/teenager. Ah, that is the only confession you shall get from me on this most-public spot.

paragraphs or no paragraphs, don't EVER stop writing!

BTW - exactly when are we going with Samuel L. Jackson to see "Snakes on a Plane" - I'm SO excited that you invited me.


em said...


I think blogger has joined a cult. I couldn't upload pictures earlier today. I almost screamed.

What's up with all the grammar police on your blog?

You appear to have a strange infatuation with the "Snakes on a Plane" movie invite.

Why do I comment on blogs when I should be asleep? agh! hasta! :-)

Lee Ann said...

Hey, we made Southwest Chicken Pie last night and thought of you. Yum!! (referencing the pie, not you). Love you girl!

karla said...

LeeAnn! Hi! In response to your comment, I LOVE southwestern pie. In fact, I love it so much that I am going to make it right now, well...tomorrow, maybe. Love you and miss you all!