Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Christopher Robin Enoc Fink-
This is such a random shot it is laughable. In case you google yourself...DO YOU HAVE MY CELL PHONE IN YOUR TRUCK!?!?!? I AM STUCK IN ATL. YEP.....STUCK.


Liz and the Mayor said...

So sad!! You're stuck in ATL AND you can't find your cell phone??? I think it's a sign - you should've never left MSP.

We miss you already!

em said...

Only you, Karla.... only you. Have him FedEx it to you!

karla said...

Liz, do not even begin on how I should not have left. You don't even know the HALF of the trip "home" and all that has transpired. Because Internet we are not that close...I chose to email her directly. You wish it was you.

He is..thank God.

Liz said...

Oh Karla -

I am confused - who did you email directly? Sorry you had such a dreadful trip home - that is the assumption I am making. I'm wondering how you made it back to Chatanooga. I also included you in the weekly update - did you get it? I"ll try to learn how to "do" pictures.

Hope you have a great day. I"m sure everyone there is VERY happy to have you back.


Liz and the Mayor said...

True story from this morning...

After picking Anders up at the nursery, we were walking towards the sanctuary and he says, "Mom, let's go find Karla." I replied, "Oh, Anders, Karla had to go back home to Chattanooga." He replies, "No, I KNOW Karla will be here."

So...he missed you today. (so did we)