Sunday, October 15, 2006

Derek es no mas

On Thursday October 12th Derek (my scooter) died. His death was painful (for both parties!,) quick and completely debilitating.

I was coming home from work on Thursday and had just reached the Bilo (grocery) and I began the inner monolog of debating if I wanted Indian tonight or tomorrow when...WHAM. I slammed into a stopped car at a stoplight at 22mph to be exact. Now, I am a mindful driver and I want to use the following information to support my statement. You see, the light had turned green and traffic had begun to move, so I just slowed down a little. There was a man at the front of the line who slammed on his breaks to make a turn he almost missed. The entire line hit each-other. Enter scene Karla, I come zooming up and only see the green light, do not see others stopped and slam into van in front of me. I should say I did a face plant off of the back of a van, helmet cracked. Yes, I was wearing a helmet, a full motorcycle one to be exact. Gotta protect the money maker. So, no broken glass, no broken jaw, no broken anything. Just a bruised rib and a messed up knee. DAN AND LIZ, I am excited for your new bike, but I also want your children to have parents! Be careful, I like you and don't want you dead.

It has been amazing how God has already begun to provide. 1) The roommate was leaving out of town the next day and I had access to her car for 5 days if needed. 2) My friend Jared, the only person in TN I know with a truck "happened" to be at Blockbuster picking out a movie, wasting time, and he stayed with me for the entire duration. he also went to go get my license at my house to show the cop (You don't need a special/any license if it is under 50ccs.) 3)My friend Leda works 2 miles from me at the same horrifically early time of 5:45 am and I can get a ride there and take the bus back. 4) There is a possible car in the works. 5) I am ok...very thankful. 7) The man I hit is not pressing any charges he said "thats what bumpers are for, to be hit." And I don't have insurance on Derek, so I am out of luck but I also don't have to pay. Finally, number 6. My job could not be more understanding. They are wonderful and giving me a few days to get better without any guilt.

So...thankful, happy and in good spirits. Please keep me in your prayers and if you know anyone who is selling a car for cheap or if you know anyone to wants to give their car


LIz said...

Oh karla - I am sorry! Interestingly enough, Dan and I were riding on the new bike yesterday afternoon, very fast, on the freeway and all I could think about was....what if something hits us? what if we wipe out? Am glad to hear the helmets do work and I am very thankful that you were not seriously injured. I'm so, so sorry about your cute little scooter. Any chance of replacing it?

Am glad that everything else is working out though - God's amazing grace and mercy,huh!

Hang in there my friend!

Molly said...

ohmygosh... KARLA!!! I'm so glad you're okay!!!! And Derek, so sad to hear that he is not faring as well. Praying for you!

Lee Ann said...

Karla, How can such scary things be so funny when you tell them. I feel guilty the whole time I am laughing. I'm glad you are OK. And you have another great story to add to your cache.