Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Embrace the Space.

There is something special that happens in those moments when you can sense that something is off and you don't have time to question exactly what that thing is. I thought the older gentleman who was fulfilling his community service hours was just a close talker. You see, I attract these, close sitters, talkers ext. That is ok. I have dealt wtih this and more and thanks to Molly I don't even get nervous anymore when someone cries in my presence and needs a hug. She taught me that, when someone is crying you go in for the hug. She did not however inform me of what to do when a man leans so close to my mouth when I talk, that I have to fight the urge not to say the following. "This is America, I have my bubble (insert giant arms swinging motion) and you have your, embrace the space. " So, after 5 hours of frantic work I realize that he is not a close talker at all...he is almost deaf. Of course he is, obviously. So, I am at work, literally yelling everything I say to this man. Some things are just better when they are yelled, "PLEASE! JUST LEAVE THE POTATOES ALONE, COULD YOU COME BEHIND THE LINE? PLEASE!! It was a great stress reliever.


Scott Alexander said...

Great post! Thoroughly enjoyed it AND got a laugh. You should yell (kindly, mind you) more often. I think we all should. We're all too placid and staid. Must be more piquant

karla said...

Well arn't you eloquent! Thanks for the kind words Bruce, I really respect your body of work. DIE HARD (because really, can you say "die hard" without yelling it?)!