Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happily Ever After? Not if you're Russian.

I think I just got hit on in Starbucks. If by "hit on" your definition includes a 47 year old man, who got to the door, LITERALLY gave himself a pep talk and then came up to talk to me. The minute he opened his mouth and I was assaulted by the Russian accent I had to fight the urge to put up my hand and say "Russian? Yeah, no but thanks for trying.

This brief post is in no way meant to discourage men from talking to strange woman. For all he knew it was the perfect scenario, I was alone and on my laptop. If it had not been that his accent was like getting bludgeoned with dull mallets and he was twice my age I bet we would have lived happily ever after. It did make me feel pretty though, it was appreciated and my carnal albet evil nature to post about this is simply for laughs.


anie said...

AWW! I almost called you today and I wish I would've because you would have then told me this story in person, and it would have made me laugh and smile. It still made me laugh and smile and unfortunately I am now ignoring my roommate because I am responding to your blog.
Anyways I miss you. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I think you should come to MN and come to my house :)

Molly said...

oh karla... or should i say karlaslova?

Cillarose said...

I don't think its evil to post that for a laugh. What is evil and laughable is when men twice or even three times your age think they have a fighting chance with you. Haha what is it with coffee shops and getting hit on?!?!?!?!