Wednesday, March 08, 2006


"Hi, I want a..." And thus begins my day, now this is fine, but the following must be put on the internet for everyone's entertainment. Someone actually ordered the following drink.
"Triple Viente, 7 pump vanilla, 6 pump sugar free vanilla, 1%, whole milk thick foam, 4 splenda latte."
seriously, that is insanity. How did you even come up with it!? And another thing, 1%...Listen, we have whole milk and non fat. Pretty sure, yep, there is no way I am mixing 1%. I am past the point of being angry with this now I just laugh. Laugh bitterly with some tears.

and another thing,
while you get into a line, please realize that a line is at its essence, something that you enter into with a destination in mind! Most likely my cash register. So, when you have been standing there, twirling your hair or contemplating world domination or whatever it is you do, please, don't look at me like I have just asked you a mathematical theorem when you arrive at your destination. Don't make me guess either. It is not a fun game, it makes me hate you.


Anonymous said...

I am cracking up reading this! OK, I admit...I have been one of those high-maintenance orderers! But I have only gone so far as to say:

Grande, non-fat, sugar-free, extra-hot hazelnut latte.

Is that ridiculous?

Perhaps Starbucks should just allow everyone to mark their own paper cup...wouldn't that be fun?!?!

ladonald said...


I am so glad you work in the hospitality industry. You are PERFECT for the job!!

karla said...

so very true, it is a good thing that despite all of this I do love it. I miss you! Come over to the chatt town.
Sarah, your fine! Who blames you for the x-tra hot? Starbucks only makes it to 145 which is mearly tempid.

the holst gang said...

Oh so funny!! How glad I am to share in your angst Karla - this made me laugh, oh so hard....because...I could just HEAR Anie ordering something SO absurd!! I can hardly order an Americanno correctly without adding in all that other junk!

It was so good to see you when you were here - in fact, on Tuesday morning, Anders said "Where did my karla go?" He misses you!! As do we all - sorry it didn't work for Anie - NWA is far too up in the air right now and I checked on a real ticket, but it was TOOOOO much - no bargains to Chatt town. Sorry - maybe someday. You know me, I want to get not only to the Incline, but back to Ruby Falls!!

thanks for making me laugh my friend!!

karla said...

it would be hard for me to love ya'll anymore. It was such a joy to see you. I have been retelling the ongoings of the little mayor all over the chatt town.
I am so bummed about Ani! We will figure something out soon.
We will keep in touch.

em said...

Aaggghhh!!! Working has me far from doing my normal blog check, comment, or write. Tragic, indeed! But, I had to comment on this post, because it is HILARIOUS.

Thanks for sharing in your angst. It makes me laugh. :-)

the holst gang said...

Ok. This is Anie using my mom's blog account because I will remain blog free. I would just like to defend myself. I would never order such a beverage! 1%? That is ridiculous. The most high maintenance drink I order is a double tall nonfat half raspberry half white mocha no whip. What is all this business about the pump number? Crazy! I too am highly disappointed about not being able to visit you. If nothing else, growing up an airline child helps you get used to disappointment. Someday I'll come visit. Some day indeed. Alright. Off to make brownies and read Jane Eyre. I have a goal of 3 books finished over spring break... We'll see how it goes!

Sarah said...

Wow- I am super picky about just about everything, but coffee. Just black regular, fine. Maybe a little room for half-and-half, but I never ask for that. If there isn't enough room, I sip off the top.

Then again, I never go to Starbucks. Sorry, Karla, down with the "man!"

hehehehe have fun ;oP