Monday, March 20, 2006


Is the Starbucks a Mecca for the celebrities of ages past? Within the last 6 months I would like to share whom I have met.
Lets see there is Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle.) How do we sum up Rob? Crazy hair, sullen and drinks a vanilla latte. I chuckled to myself, well, if I am honest I chortled and with everyone around me...and...via text msg.
Pauly Shore. awesome...almost made me to happy for words. He busted in and skipped past the line and just ordered coffee. But the best part about my fellow vertically challenged friend? He wore a shirt that said "Pauly world."
Tonight we had the Harlem Globetrotters, they a word...tall. Very, very tall.
Who remembers a little show called the Facts of Life and Living Single? Yes ladies and Gentleman, Kim Fields (Dude, it was Tudie!!!) was in the Starbucks with 2 HUGE body guards. Also a man who I only know as Overton (from Living Single) was with her. All of us were dying to ask if it was a reunion and if the Queen (you know..Queen Latifa) was in the house. We refrained and made her the soy no water no foam chai she requested.

anyway, can't wait to see who shows us next week.


em said...

Ya know, speaking of random celebrities... isn't Blair, from The Facts of Life, now doing some kind of Christian parenting gig? I heard about it on some radio show or something. She and Kirk Cameron are the "once-80's-pop-icons-turned-Christian-not-so-well-known-icons" Wild!

karla said...

YES! I am so glad that someone brought that up! Of course you know that, you and your fanatical Christian upbringing. Little known fact, Buddy Lembeck (character) or Willie Ames (actual name) from Charles in Charge is Bible Man now. Really, he actually wears spandex.