Monday, March 13, 2006

Come and get it

"Forget your hang-ups and your Puritan guilt and come get everything you've ever wanted" - Hugh Hefner

A girl came into work yesterday wearing a shirt that said "Porn Star" on it. Frequently we see 3 girls come in together trying to outdo one another in their attempt to be "sexy" ie: who can wear the shortest skirts and the lowest tops. My heart breaks for these women! I hear the boys these girls are with talking about girls gone wild, Jenna Jamenson and what club they will hit on spring break, including which girls they want to "hook up with." These girls just stand there, never correcting the boys for fear they will lose them. How did this happen! When did this happen! Have I been so secluded with my life that I have failed to realize that there are girls all around me trying to find identity in thing that are killing them? I have been aware I suppose, I have written the papers on the danger of the pro-anorexia websites, mentored girls, but I don't think I realized how bad it had gotten.
What does it mean to embrace our sexuality?
The other night I was talking to a woman who had just become a believer, she was telling me of her past and how her past life and influences of culture still are a voice in her ear rather than believing that she is bought with precious blood. She was saying how it is still her tendency to wear the tighter, lower shirts to attract even the men whom she knows would be put off by this type of dress. Let me put in another way. She was saying how when she got in the presence of this man (whom is wonderful and loves Jesus) she was suddenly embarrassed by the way she was dressed rather than the feeling of empowering she had when she left the house that morning.
I don't know who I am angry at. I think rather than anger, my impulse is to hug these girls, offer them a sweatshirt(!) and want to tell them, while looking deep into their eyes that there is something so precious in them. That these girls do not need to sell themselves short, our culture already does that. We need to see each other as beloved of the beautiful Christ.
There are a few themes that will be quite prevalent on this blog. Culture and our response as believers to it, starbucks, homeslessness and poverty, India, and I suppose updates on life in general. So these will be continuing thoughts as I am no where near having it figured out. One day, when I actually learn how to use the internet I will probably divide them into categories for easier usage, but alas, I don't know how to use the internet. Basically, it should amaze those of you whom have ever met me that I even have a blog (thanks Emery.) While I am at it, if and when I do figure out this glorified beat box I will post pictures.


the holst gang said...

(this is anie)
i know exactly how you feel. at the u so many girls walk around in practically nothing, and what you wrote exactly echos what i feel. somewhat off subject, but sort of not. this weekend there is a biblical manhood/womenhood seminar at bbc that will be given by grudem. i'm going and am excited about it. especially since our culture is so opposite.
it snowed a foot today. i'm in double mourning. mourning the loss of not being able to hang out with you this week. sad that you live in a warm place and i live in the tundra. i will at some point make it down to visit. i promise!
keep up the good blogging! it is encouraging and refreshing to read.

Anonymous said...

We are more than excited to read all your posts on all the above subjects, and more! Glad you have this little "beat box".

Re these girls, yes, I do share feelings of concern...I admit I feel pity most of the time. It IS truly amazing what young girls will adorn themselves with. I think sometimes these young women go for "shock appeal". The more revealing, the more shameless, the more brash, the better.
My opinions about clothing changed when my opinions about beauty changed. Sometimes I think young women have no idea of what it means to be beautiful. Then again, they have no real beautiful women as role models, either. I digress...but perhaps the answer is not ruling what length of skirt is "too short" or what neckline is "too low" but rather, changing their attitudes about the meaning of beauty. Alas, though I suggest this, I haven't the slightest idea how one would go about accomplishing it...

em said...

Sarah - I have two words for you: Electroshock Therapy. Kidding!

I think one place we can start is by not being respectors of people, even beautiful people, but delivering love in an even-handed manner. To that end, most of us have barely even contemplated this lifestyle, much less begun to live that way.

Thanks for sharing, Karla!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Em. We need to deliver love and compassion even (and especially?) to these girls and avoid looking down our noses at them, thankful that our apparel or appearance is different. We forget that in God's eyes, we were all once clothed in filthiness...