Thursday, March 16, 2006

What the crap?

I was just leaving the library frustrated (see post I made not 10 minutes ago) and what catches my gaze? A woman, with (are you ready for this!?) a child and they are held together by what looks to be a glorified leash! HA! He is walking as though this is perfectly normal. Does this activity take place up North or only in the South? Really, the child was Anders age, so Liz I must ask. When Anders is being disagreeable do you put him in a harness and then snap him to a leash? I can only hear the mayors response in my head, but I bet it would be classic.
that's all, just thought you would like to know.


Sarah said...

Doesn't sound like such a bad idea to me. Toddlers are always wondering off. On a lease, they only can go so far.

the holst gang said...

Well karla, FYI - when Anie was little she had a lovely, pink checkered "harness" - it was much easier to keep her with me and she LOVED it!! It kept her close to me, she had the freedom to walk on her own, we never had the trauma of a lost child in some department store. Hope I haven't lost any "parent-brownie-points" with you - and yes, Anders is a GREAT candidate to have a blue checkered version of the same thing. He is quite the roamer!!

karla said...

Unbelievable. Well I suppose you are right. We all know that broad sweeping statements are part of my charm. It does seem like a good idea, just...odd if you have never seen it!