Thursday, March 16, 2006

Afro Ninja

Breath, in...out...
My hatred of computers is astounding. I don't understand them. Honestly it is like someone is speaking to me in mandarin Chinese. I would have better luck with them because I can at least read facial expressions!
I don't care that it is a computer that is letting me talk to everyone. I hate them!!
Also, I hate that they have infiltrated movies. It is simply their (see I even have to use the correct spelling of their as IF IT WAS A PERSON) presence in movies that annoys me. They are everywhere. Now, yes, I know I want one. I know I like the use of them. But it is like cats I have decided. For the most part I hate them also. I just do. But I have been around a few that I have enjoyed, they have brought me glimpses of pleasure. So yes, if someone dropped a cat off at my house I would take it. That is how I feel about the computer, I would take one, after all it is better than a kick in the neck.
What started this great rant is the fact that I can't post a link. It is called afro ninja and I actually laughed out loud in a library today when I opened the link. BUT I CANT GET THE LINK TO POST. I am beginning to think I need a computer guru that I can put in my pocket and tinker with this dumb...piece...that and give me compliments. I would like it if the guru could do that also. Anyway, if you are not bored to tears from this already go to and type in Afro ninja. It is worth it I promise.
If ya'll start getting a lot more hand written notes delivered by carrier pigeons don't be shocked.


em said...

He is hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing! hahahaha! I can just see myself doing the same thing. eeek!

Anonymous said...

This is TOO funny. I can just see you cracking up!!! Thanks for sharing...