Saturday, March 11, 2006

Longest post ever

Bryant Myers, author of Walking with the Poor said "(they are) people with whom and among whom God has been working before we even knew they were there."

I feel like I can't turn off my mind tonight. I just finished work, and it's 11:30 pm. Incidently I also just finished the book Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski. It is a book that tells what happens when two men who feel called by God to experience homelessness in America for 4 months. They put their lives on hold with 3 objectives: To better understand the life of the homeless in America, and to see firsthand how the church is responding to their needs. 2) To encourage others to "live out loud" for Christ in whatever ways God is asking them to. 3) To learn personally what it means to depend on Christ for my daily physical needs, and to experience contentment and confidence in Him. Reading this book transported me back to Minneapolis and my time with Urban Homeworks.
Before I moved to Chattanooga I lived in North Minneapolis, before that I lived in the suburbs of Burnsville. I remember telling Cody (Urban Neighbor contact) that I was open to living anywhere, but I didn't really feel like North Minneapolis was for me, besides I didn't really feel..."Called". (Question deeply if you find yourself using that word as a scapegoat.) That year was one of the most eye opening years of my life. I lived with roommates who were (are!) amazing women of God who challenged me daily on what it means to be faithful in the day to day life. The questions were not new, but ones that demanded answers. How do we as believers, as women, respond when you have just finished a 9 hour day, you are hollered at while walking down the street, then 4 energetic boys come knocking at your door wanting to play (or eat all your food) and all you want to do is, sleep. I found my self thinking at times, "I don't have time for this! I have to go to Muslim prayer!" Oh the oxymoron, thy name is Karla. I think we get so busy trying to be a "Christian" that we was not aware that life is passing bye.
How do we not pass bye these opportunities! I don't want my life to pass bye. I want to make a difference, I want for the millions of Dhalits and millions of homeless in NorthAmerica to know the name of Jesus and I want for it to matter. I want for them to matter. I am tired of seeing people pass bye other human beings on the street and pretend they don't exist. I want to long for Jesus to come back to earth. I want to, every time I hear the name of Jesus mentioned smile like it was when I was first saved.

(this post has turned into rambling now, but to much time has gone into it to not post it.)

"As the deer panteth for the water,
so my soul longs after thee.
you alone are my hearts desire
and I long to worship thee."

Let him be our inspiration to love each other.
Bye the way, if you are looking for housing that will make a significant difference in your life and others and live in the Minneapolis area, contact Urban Homeworks. They are strongly recommended.


the holst gang said...

You are a dear Karla - I LOVE this blog. keep praying like you are - have a blessed sunday - we're off to church and then the rest of the day.

We love you!!

em said...


Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts! Your quote: "I think we get so busy trying to be a 'Christian' that we [are] not aware that life is passing bye."

True, true... Those of us who think we have offered our bodies as living sacrifices are most-often deluded. As long as we're on this earth, we'll have a long way to go! ;-)

karla said...

ya'll are great for posting. Often it feels like you have put these thoughts out into the world and you get back...silence. So, thanks for the encouraging words!