Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cheese is my Kryptonite

I knew it. I always knew it, I am lactose intolerant. While I am stating this fact I must also bring up that I am not intolerant to lactose I am hostile towards it. It HURTS me, bring on the world of soy dream, soy cream(an oxymoron), and the like. Please you must refrain on posting about the loss of pizza and cheesy items, I love milk and I might tear up.
Things that have happened since I posted last (you remember basically a millennium ago.)
I worked 74 hours last week alone. I stayed at a women's shelter volunteering and hearing their stories. They were incredible. In reality it was a week in which I learned more about drugs, their forms and pricing than I ever needed to. The Lord sustained each day and really, grace is sufficient unto the day.
The Lord sold my car. Seriously. I am not usually one who attributes everything to "The Lord" (to be said in a breathy voice to catch my drift(although maybe I should be, discuss amongst yourselves.)) You see, it has been rather rainy lately around here. I have been thinking more and more about the useless Saturn taking up the grass in our backyard. I decided to sell, by decided I mean that I thought about it and then proceeded to do nothing. This man Keith came by yesterday to build us another bathroom in the house and noticed it in the backyard. Keith inquired as to if it was for sale, "yep" he got in response. So, 3 hours later Keith brought his friends a lovely Russian couple and 24 hours later the car was sold. The car which has a broken headgasket, needs a clutch and new front brakes and dings sold for $950. They knew what was wrong when they bought it, I aint frontin.
Today I went on the web to look for motorized scooters (Yes, I am that cool) and I found one for $899 that if delivered to my door already assembled would set me back 1,059. Sign me up. What do you think?


ladonald said...

Karla, Maybe I'm reading the post wrong, but if it has been rainy lately wouldn't that be a reason not to sale the car and buy a scooter?

karla said...

ohh LeeAnn. Yes it would be, if the car worked. Alas, said car has been just taking up grass time on the backyard, broken.

karla said...

I should also add that I have been walking or biking in the rain so why not scoot? That was the logic.

Liz said...

You ARE alive!!! Ah, the grin that appeared on my face when I saw your post this morning. I would love to hear the stories from the Women's shelter - we really have NO clue, do we? Am glad the Saturn sold...I can actually see you "scooting" around the lovely town of Chattanooga (Have I ever mentioned how I LOVE that place?)

Ok - off to get ready for the day...just had to send a quick greeting. I'm sorry about the milk thing - I join you though - can't tolerate it myself, but I don't care because I think milk is disgusting. Sorry -

Hope you have a great day and that a new scooter arrives at your front door soon.

karla said...

I love you but you lie. If the chatt town was a favorite YOU WOULD GET YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN HERE!!!! I can not put into words how fun that would be. I would treat ya'll to a lookouts game.

em said...

Go Karla and the crazy cool green scooter that will surely be seen by people because of its funky green colour (with a "u", so Euro).

I think the whole car-gone and scooter-almost-here thing is super cool!

As for the cheese kryptonite... whatever. You just don't want to like good cheese. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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