Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gettin out of the bizznas

Oh the stupidity of people when they fly. Having worked for 2 different airlines a total of almost 4 years does not make me exempt. It is almost as though I get temporary amnesia. "Sure! I have no problem paying 8$ for a sandwich which consists of 2 slices of bread and your pawltry turkey, AND I get to bring it on the plane!! Sweet." Or how about, I am sorry, I know I am 3 hours early for my flight, but WHY is it not up on the board? I am ashamed at my stupidity, yet at the moment I would like to think I am better than these people...Why Amercians should not be allowed to travel.
More than half of the stuff I post is a direct rip off from Joshua Blankenship. There I said it, I will say it again, I ain't scared. Actually, I am. Your moustache is out of control! Moustache May/blankenstache

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Liz said...

So Karla - two posts in one day - maybe more than you can handle. BUT, I couldn't resist. Whatever prompted this post?? So funny! Are you traveling someplace soon or was this just a random thought that came over you? Dan has several thoughts about the way people travel, especially by air as you can imagine.

Ah, what a laugh for the afternoon. Back to my book and then off to something at church.

Again, TTFN.