Friday, May 12, 2006

Quotes from the Monk

I walked into the Monks office today and saw this quote. I love it except the word excuse, I am still pondering what I would put in its place.
"The praises of the sick and broken
excuse the silence of the healthy and whole."


Liz said...

Excuse?? I have a real problem with this AND I just don't get it - so being silent and rich is ok as long as the poor are praising? Guess I'm just too dull to understand greatness.

It is rainy, cold and damp!!

karla said...

Liz, this is how I took it.
the praises of the sick and broken (who by earthly standards have very little to be thankful for) are beautiful to Gods heart, they are the cries that are found in the true depths of need. Interject new word for "excuse" here...
the silence of the healthy and whole stir up nothing, it dwelling in "goodness." Basically this quote brought to mind how it is in those desperate times when I am able to cling to God and how I never want to be healthy and whole if it means apart from Christ. Now, yes I read into the quote (possibly way to much) but that is what it stirred up. Sorry about the dampness! It was 72 sunny and breezy. Greatness!! Come visit!

Molly said...

hey, Karla! I got your messages this week, but our phone is on the fritz. Whenever I try to make a call, the static is so bad that I can't even hear the dial tone. I was thinking it was because it's been so windy and rainy here, but now I don't, and Qwest is supposed to come today, sometime before 7pm (I called at 9am)--really good of them to give me such a timeframe. :-) So we'll talk as soon as I can hear you. I really like the scooter a lot.

Molly said...

have you checked for your area for other options (that is, if you haven't already purchased the scooter)? If so, disregard.