Wednesday, May 10, 2006

happiness on the web

Here are a few videos/random things to keep you occupied on this dreary day in TN and on other more...good days elsewhere, enjoy, I know I did.
Afro Ninja (I DID IT!!! I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO LINK.) Thank you Peter Schaefer whoever you are!)
Notes to Self The elusive Joshua Blankenship
Fruitful waste of time Thanks to Matt Donovan I spent my lunch hour making my likeness in a South Park character.
StarWars Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits the folk waiting in line for the "new" movie. I laughed for about a week straight at different intonations and intervals.

Also, I got a promotion. Now, my job titles are the following. "Assistant director of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen" and "Coordinator of Womens Shelter." You however, can call me Karla.


matt said...

chock one up for afro ninja. I hope to god that wasn't staged. Or would be even better if it was?

karla said...

Matt, good to hear from you! And no, it was not staged. Dear God. The man was trying out for a commercial I heard and that was his audition. Totally something that would happen to both of us...if we ever, you know...tried out ninja style for tv.

Joshua Blankenship said...

What am I eluding?