Monday, May 22, 2006


I was in blogosphere, trotting along, dare I say it...Almost merrily. I came to Joshuas blog where he had managed to find a web site hosting to folks protesting the Divinci code. The American Society of Tradions, Family and Defense
wish to make it easier for you to find a protest nearest to your location. Now, I am willing to admit I know almost nothing about the book or movie. I know that it proclaims that Jesus slept with Mary M. and that resulted in a child, and some sort of secret crazy catholic offshoot ext. I don't believe that the following will be a popular opinion but I am posting it now. I already have a hard time with the fact that I believe in a triune God, a virgin birth and a salvation by a God man. I do know that I love this Christ, Jesus and the Holy Trinity and my doubts are swept away when ever I get a glimpse of his holiness in worship. These doubts are not what I want to focus on. Basically I just don't find it worth my time right now to read it. I would read it if a friend of mine who was questioning the faith asked me to though. Anyway. You really think a protest is going to stop people? I would go over just to see what the commotion is all about. I don't think you will see me waving my picket sign for this one. Although you never know, I also said I would never move to the deep south, look where that landed me.


Liz said...

I'm with you Karla. You won't see me carrying around a picket sign for this movie/book. guess I can't get all up in arms about it - much greater things to be concerned about. Afterall, it's ONLY A BOOK - FICTION!!! (even the author admits that he MADE IT UP!!) Good grief!

The good news is that it IS making my brother ask some questions and he used the name of Jesus in a positive way; he wasn't swearing! A miracle right there. So, I it does mean that I'm going to have to do some research, maybe even read the book, so that I can talk about it with him and not sound like a complete idiot.

Spring has finally discovered MN - lovely days of late! Anders spent yesterday morning at the park, decided to nap about 30 minutes!!!! and then the remainder of the day in his little wading pool in the backyard. A perfect day in my mind because I could work outside in the gardens all afternoon. Simply splendid!

Anie had a second interview at Starbuck's last night and then will have a first interview with GAP today. She is working to find work! It's nice to have her back home again.

Off to have my morning coffee and map out the rest of the day. Hope all is well - I do love the picture on your license - quite glamorous


Liz said...

Ok Karla, so the ending in the earlier entry should have said TTFN - oops! No coffee yet.

karla said...

ok, I am so glad you are alive! I found myself looking to see if you posted. Because liz, I love you.
I am thankful that at least the book has brought up Jesus in the mind of your brother. After all, Francis Shaffer is right when he said "Christianity if it is true, should hold up under the harshest critics." It is not a negitive thing to critically think about our faith, it becomes negitive when we use the doubts that Satan places in our hearts to excuse ourselves from belief. At least thats what I think.
Tell Anie congrats for me! Can't wait to see how it works out. Prepare yourself for a soon hatred of the frapachino to enter into your wonderful daughters heart. It will harden her.
Send some picts of Anders (and others!) My way or...get a blog!!
miss you all,
(Do you notice that we use my blog to email rather than just write letters I love it.)