Monday, May 29, 2006


This post will be especially loved by Liz and Molly.
It is incredible and totally believable if you are as sports stupid as myself. So, I ordered the scooter and it is orange and cream. See the post on the scooter and plug in orange where the lime green is and you will understand what I mean. SO, I was at church talking to a new girl I met. We were discussing the safety hazards of the scooter because our pastor had broken his wrist falling off of his. (Since I WILL hurt myself, this is guaranteed, I will post pictures of my injures.) She asked me what color it was, I said "orange and cream, kind of like a creamcicle." She replied "Yeah, or like the Tennessee VOLES, you know the football team." OH. MY. GOSH. My face just paled in horror. Now, in addition to living in TN I apparently support them in all things sports related and to show my support, I HAVE PAINTED IT ON MY SCOOTER. Here is hoping that the VOLES scooter will stop all the rednecks who speed from indulging in their desire to put a point value on the girl in the scooter and take me out.


Howell said...

Sweet Karla, Its Vols. As in, Volunteers. :)

em said...

Karla is officially a southerner. Oh yeah! ;-)

Liz said...

(Imagine uncontrolable laughter before reading any further) OH. MY. GOSH. Karla, this is one of the funniest yet - It is VERY late...we are sad to be saying good-bye to two dear TBI guys (remind me not to become too attached to all these people that seem to up and leave us)...and then I go to read your blog before I actually call it a night.

Yes indeedy, my dear, you are now an official VOLS (note, no "e") fan, whether you want to be or not. So very funny and just what I needed before bed. I will ponder more comments later, but this was the medicine that I needed tonight - thanks for making me laugh and then, making me feel sad that you also are not here. Oh well - more refining for me I guess.

Thanks my friend - and, try NOT TO FALL OFF the scooter. I think you can ride without any injuries - I have faith!!

karla said...

so...VOLS hu. Well, who knew, not me obviously.
Liz, I am sorry that yet another batch of TBI men have left. Granted most of them are odd, but the ones that are not are remarkable. Knowing you, Dan and the Fam means that I know how much they will treasure how involved ya'll have been in their lives. You like with a kingdom mindset and yet with feet firmly planted. Keep in touch with them, encourage them and I am telling you, it makes all the difference. I am sure they consider ya'll family.
Or just marry them into the family, Mar isn't to young is she?? :)

Molly said...

oh... karla... this is very funny. i especially liked the thought of assigning point values as they contemplate whether to run you off the road or not. But then you could just use the sidewalk--GO SCOOTERS! :-)